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Our Vision

“Every human being is a miracle with extraordinary possibilities”

Rolando Toro



Grounding Essence is a holistic, inclusive and benevolent healing approach. It encourages you to discover and embrace your full potential, by developing an attitude of self-care and generosity towards yourself. It enhances wholeness by applying creative means


Grounding Essence unites Yoga, Biodanza and Mindful Communication, into a powerful healing art. The diversity of these techniques is an enrichment with high potential for personal growth.

As experienced facilitators, we love to witness your personal journey and to see your potential coming alive. No prior experience required.

more about each technique


Yoga connects you with your unique being and your innermost nature.

It is a practice that unites body, breath and mind.

Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication establishes a profound connection with your needs and with the best ways to realize your fullest potential.
This is a new way of communicating,

based on theory and lots of practical excercises.

Symbolic Medicine
It is a global approach of the being and its existence.
The bent chopsticks are the tool that I use while being neutral and centered. A session offers you a new look at yourself and allows you to understand your deepest functions. It is a benevolent
and energetic accompaniment to the listening of your soul.



Biodanza transforms the connection with yourself and with others, in this beautiful dance of life.

Personal growth through

movement, encounter and deep experience.

Ancora 2

three rivers flowing into one powerful sea

Learn practical tools for your everyday life that you can apply

at your work place, in relationships, family and community.

Tools used:

Encounter, Listening

Communication, Sharing

Music, Movement

Breath, Mindfulness

Dance, Empathy

Welcome, Open mindedness

Empathy, Non-Judgement

Curiosity, Safety

Which allows you to:

Explore, Experience

Discover, Share

Listen, Feel

Trust, Connect


In an atmosphere of:

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